Our pricing

For Individual Users, the Service is completely for Free

For Business Users, the Service will be Free for the First Six Months (Free Trial Period) extendable to one year on a case by case basis.

In order to benefit from the Service after the six months Free Trial, you must submit a credit card, debit card, or Bank Transfer, or other prepaid payment method (a " Payment Instrument ") through which you will pay all charges incurred in connection with the Service. You will pay all charges incurred in connection with the Service within a commercially reasonable time period specified by Streado. Charges are exclusive of taxes.

When you provide a Payment Instrument to Streado in connection with the Service:

01. You confirm that you are permitted to use that Payment Instrument, and you authorize Streado to confirm that your Payment Instrument is in good standing with the issuing financial institution and/or carrier (as applicable), including, but not limited to, by submitting a request for a payment authorization and/or a low dollar credit and/or debit to the Payment Instrument, in accordance with the relevant card association or carrier rules as applicable. If you cancel a transaction before completion, that payment authorization may result in your funds not otherwise being immediately available.

02. You authorize Streado or its designated third-party payment processor to store the Payment Instrument, along with other related transaction information, and bill the designated Payment Instrument up to the applicable maximum spend amount during the Service term, and if applicable, in a recurring fashion during the subscription Service term

Your Payment Instrument will be billed for non-recurring Services at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter. Your Payment Instrument will be billed each period for subscription Services based on the date of the subscription purchase. If you pay by debit card and your payment results in an overdraft or other fee from your bank, you alone are responsible for that fee.

You are obligated to fulfill your payment obligations for the Services in a timely manner. If you fail to do so, Streado will be entitled to a compensation equaling the amount due plus interest at the rate permissible under applicable law. In addition, if you fail to make any payment to Streado when due under these Terms, Streado will be entitled to cancel the Service and remove your Ads from the Service, without prior notice, and you will not have any claims against Streado in connection therewith.

Streado reserves the right to issue refunds or credits at its sole discretion.

Current Pricing Table is as follows:

Starter Small Medium Large
First Shop Free £ 9/Month £ 29/Month £ 49/Month
Any Additional Shop --- £ 5/Month £ 15/Month £ 25/Month
List View
Augmented Reality (AR) View ---
Get Followers ---
Rating Option ---
Notifications --- ---
Customize Banner --- ---
Job Offer --- ---
Ads/Offer/Info Space 1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Buy Now Option --- --- ---

Above Prices are exclusive of any Tax such as but not limited to VAT, GST, Sales Tax, etc…

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